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The Security of WordPress Website login can be assured. The question is “HOW?”. In this article, I’m going to share some tips on how you can secure your WordPress website login.

Why Do We Need WordPress Website Login Security?


Web security is a serious concern right nowadays. WordPress provides Security Plugins with various features. WordPress Website Login Security still remains a concern. All the governments and even private corporations are trying their hardest to provide more security. By Introducing cutting-edge technology and software to make the digital world a safe place. How can we expect that an ordinary person is safe from disastrous attacks. Even the securest of the world’s databases are not protected against hacking. Even with all the efforts our data is not well protected. There is still a need to have a fool-proof system to secure your WordPress website login. For this purpose you need to protect all your private credentials.

A standard attack is brute force attack. An automated hacking system will try millions of combinations of IDs and passwords in one second. This process will continue until it can find the correct one. It is an impossible task for a human and prone to failure, but not for a machine.


WordPress is a great platform, thriving to provide the best user-experience technology. It is providing latest programs while ensuring that you are able to maintain privacy.This can be prevented by securing the WordPress website login or admin page and stopping hackers at the entry point.

Ways to Secure your WordPress Website Login


Some Suggestions by Wordfence on how to make sure your WordPress account is secure and protected
Source: Wordfence.com

FoolProof Security is a myth, you can become a victim of hacking through your WordPress website login. Passwords, servers, and even the ads you use to promote your work is not all safe. Nagging bots can enter and spread harmful malware. This results in slowing down your work pace and corrupting the PC. Down below are some tactics to make your account safe.

  • Secure host

Using a secure host might be in your best interest to secure WordPress website login. You might think that your host is safe but not all are. Changing to better hosts like Flywheel and Site-ground offers more than just security.That makes your server reliable enough to allow more visits, crash and hack proof, and maintaining speed while at it.

  • Unique Username

It will be in your favor if you make a unique user name for yourself, like a complex combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. This will protect your WordPress website login against automated hacking as such combinations are difficult to generate.

  • Strong Password

Use a stronger password that is not a common name of a person or place. It will be easy to find a password even if it is comprised of different letters or numbers in a single row or column. Instead, use upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, punctuation. It will also help if you change your password every month or two.

  • Limited Access

Providing limited access for those who allow other users to use the account for multiple purposes, like work. The primary user can control the privileges provided to other people working from the same account. It will give you a tremendous control in protecting your WordPress website Login. Thus, protecting your precious data.

  • Limit Login Attempts

Providing a limit for login attempts in a day can be helpful too because the genuine users will login to the account using a certain number of attempts, but if a bot tries to get in, the limit will exceed, and they won’t be able to enter. You can also include a ‘lock-down feature’ so when someone tries multiple times to get into the server through brute force, the website goes under lock-down and the primary server owner is notified.

  • ReCaptcha

Using a ReCaptcha can also come in handy because bots cannot crack ReCaptcha codes.

  • Change Standard URL

Changing the URL will also prove to be beneficial and most effective. The WordPress website login page uses a single, main URL like (wp-admin or wp-login.php). Making a unique URL for yourself will confuse the bots and your account will be harder to get into.

  • Standard Security Technology

Using an SSL for your website gives another protective layer on top of the HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). The Standard Security Technology (SSL) will change the URL from HTTP to HTTPS. Which are the protected URL for all sensitive websites like Gmail, Outlook etc. The data on the server will be decoded once the primary user logs in to the server using their IP address(s). Someone with a different IP won’t be able to access your WordPress website login. The HTTP will also mark your server as secure, according to Google’s ranking. Then remove the ‘non-secure’ label placed beside the URL.


You can secure your WordPress website login by using the above-mentioned techniques. And hence protecting your data, precious information, and plans.



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