we offer the best services needed to run a seamless WordPress

Our services are designed with a proper and in-depth understanding of the WordPress space and tailored to meet the various needs you may have.

Customizing WordPress

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value work.

WordPress Security

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews.

Custom Plugins

Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar for the solutions without functional solutions.

Backups & Regular Maintenance

regular backups & maintenance. Make your wordpress healthy.

WordPress Security Risk

While access to the internet has been a defining feature of our 21st century, so also has increased vulnerabilities to online attacks from third parties risen. While the benefits of owning a website on WordPress are innumerable, it is also expedient to ensure adequate protection and exclusivity of usage on your site against unwarranted intrusion from hackers. Other WordPress risks may not necessarily arise from third parties but the configurations of the site itself. The following security issues may therefore arise while in the usage of your WordPress site: unauthorised logins, harmful malware, cross-site scripting, undefined user roles, outdated themes and plugins, outdated core services, search engine optimisation spam, structured query language injections, hotlinking, supply chain attacks among others. All these are potential security challenges you may encounter in the usage of your WordPress site

What Service WP Please Offers

It is necessary to have a website support service platform or agency designed to repel these attacks and secure your website. This is part of our service commitment at WP Please and is very much available to make sure your WordPress site is a secure vault, impenetrable and devoid of hackers.

Customised Plugins

Each plugin is designed to perform specific tasks on your website and make it easy to add essential functions that are useful for your sites. Our plugins are designed to serve different kinds of platforms seamlessly ranging from plugins for photography to newsletters, e-commerce stores and any other aspects that would enable your site to run efficiently

backup and regular maintenance

We run backups and regular maintenance checks for your sites to ensure they are up-to-date and healthy