10 WordPress Plugins That Will Help You Run a Successful Business

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Any good business idea needs supportive tools for growth like WordPress plugins for better returns on investment. Furthermore, the digital world has hundreds of offers that can confuse any potential investor wishing to enhance their market presence.

Then, do you wish to supercharge your business with the most superior technology available today?

Certainly, here are the 10 WordPress plugins that will help you run a successful business without much stress. 

Yoast SEO Plugins

Online visitors depend on organic search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing for information. That means you need visibility whenever anyone needs to find you through the numerous dynamics that determine positive online ranking. 

Significantly, keywords determine how your content ranks better online. Yoast SEO is an optimization plugin that helps you polish your content with maximum accuracy for better visibility. 


Your business needs timely communication with clients through contact forms that are easy to follow and leave feedback. WPForms offers a substantive package of features that enable you to create a one-stop platform for communication needs. 

As a matter of fact, some exclusive features include landing pages, conversational forms, geo, user journey tracking, and login forms. You can start with the free WordPress plugins or premium version depending on your needs. 

WordPress Monsterinsights Plugins

WordPress Plugin

Search engines use analytics to determine and compute data that helps you understand how online visitors interact with your website. Monsterinsights is a must-have WordPress plugin analytics tool for any successful business drive. 

With all the important data available on your personal dashboard, you can increase your traffic flow for better returns. 

Jetpack Plugins

Website speed is essential for any visitor that clicks on your webpage. A product of Automatic, the WordPress parent company, Jetpack is a reliable plugin for speed optimization and image loading time. 

While enjoying better speeds, your business will also experience a security boost. Having WordPress plugins creates a buffer that scans for malware, spam sites and enables secure site backups for your content.


Successful businesses understand the need for lead generation and having a funnel list. OptinMonster helps you access email contacts from all your website visitors for future communication or business conversions. 

The WordPress plugins can create a pop-up email subscription form for visitors to fill in their emails. One advantage is that OptinMonster is both desktop and mobile phone user friendly.

PushEngage Plugins

Significantly, not all leads are the same for any business growth. Thus, the PushEngage plugins technology helps you separate the contacts and target specific people for business conversion. 

Superior features like drip campaigns, opt-in reminders, goal tracking, and powerful analytics elevate your professionalism online. Add on this plugin for better content management and client notifications. 


Transforming your WordPress business website into a vibrant online store is simple with WooCommerce. You can play around with your landing page, create inventories for tracking online transactions. 

With unrestricted optimization options, you can accept payments from any financial platform. So, customize your selling platform to boost your traffic and increase your business returns. 


This is arguably the most efficient of the WordPress plugins in the market for private or exclusive communities. You can create membership subscription sites, online courses, access permission and barriers, and automation features for offline data management. 

MemberPress helps you communicate and process payments from affiliate programs. You can integrate it with your email marketing platforms for better communication. 

SEMRush WordPress Plugins

If you are looking to invest in an all-in-one business toolkit for online marketing, SEMRush is your ideal option. This WordPress plugin optimizes your SEO visibility and tracks your affiliate program payments. Equally important, it generates accurate visitor data and manages your social media continent interaction. 

SEMRush enables you to gain vital competitor information for strategizing and outranking your peers. So, try powerful tools like keyword research and backlink audit to rank your website. Correspondingly, you will note and understand where your competition lies in the market. 

Wordfence Security Plugins

Significantly, any business is as good as its WordPress security. Thus, invest in Wordfence Security and protect your hard work, years of investment, and future returns. 

This WordPress plugin protects your website from malicious traffic and keeps track of hacking attempts. Furthermore, your login system will prevent trojans, fake Google Bots, and botnets with a two-step authentication process. 

Final Remarks 

A secure website protects both your business and online visitors from fraudsters. So before you opt for other add ons, kindly consider the 10 WordPress plugins above and boost your business success.  


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