7 Reasons You Should Have a Business WordPress Website

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You are going nowhere with your business if you don’t have a WordPress website to have your back. Recent studies make it crystal clear that 97% of consumers take a service or buy a product after skimming through a business’s online presence.

Be it a large enterprise or a small start-up, having a website on WordPress means getting your brand recognition. If WordPress was not that beneficial, BBC America, The New York Times, Sony Music, MTV News, TechCrunch, or 10Web would not have opted for it anyway.

In total, 2.7% of the websites are on Squarespace, 2.8% on Wix, while 37% masses have chosen WordPress. Turns out that’s 455 Million users in the figure. These numbers are huge in real-time, and you can observe the differences.

Let’s see then why businesses are heading towards this platform.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Business WordPress Website

1.     Cost-Effective

Let’s say you are a small business owner. Isn’t your foremost priority to preserve some pennies? With WordPress, you can do that. WordPress is a platform that installs with a single click and keeps your expenditures balanced.

Agreed that it costs you a few bucks through themes and plugins, but that is worth it. Compared to Shopify with three plans starting from $29 and elevating to $299. Same services; however, you can get free with the Woocommerce plugin on WordPress.

2.    User-Friendly

Gone are the days when you could only make changes to your website if you were a tech ninja. Thanks to WordPress, you can access anything and everything with ease. Take theme customization, for instance.

Even without being a developer, you can design your business website with a few changes. Drag and drop and live editing features have increased WordPress’s value.

3.   Top-Notch Security

With the advancement of technology, threats to your digital asset are prominent. To protect your business website, the WordPress team performs its best. Introducing security plugins is also its strategy to stay ahead of a hacker’s plan.

Tap on the new plug-in on WordPress and type “security.” More than 1000 plugins pop up on this command with millions of active installations. From those, Akismet Anti-spam and iThemes security are the best to protect your online business.

4.   Versatile

Whether you have a digital marketing agency, or an e-commerce store, WordPress plays the best shot. Initially, WordPress was given birth for blogging. From 2003 till now, it has been evaluated and turned out versatile.

Now, you can successfully run any of your online businesses with WordPress. Flash off your doubts, if you have any, about its performance. Modification of features has increased its overall structure and taken its performance to the next level.

5.   Responsiveness

Do you know 60% of the population in this era have their tabs open on mobile phones? Yes, that’s surprising, but that is how it is. More than 4 billion users skim the website on their mobile phones.

In that case, your business website’s mobile and tablet responsiveness is a must. Due to that, the majority of the WordPress website has mobile-friendly themes. Considering the responsiveness, there’s a higher chance for you to sell your service/product.

6.   Unique Integrations

The live chat option on your website shows your professionalism and care towards the customer. In contrast, the maps on your site tell them of your location. This all can be done by installing WordPress plugins.

A food ordering website, for example, is what you are looking forward to. WordPress offers multiple plugins for that too. Retropress is the best option in that category. Just like that, you can integrate any plug-in to ease your customer’s purchase.

7. Guidelines/Support

Multiple forums with experts are there, where the focal point is WordPress. This is all due to the popularity of WordPress, which makes it the most raved CMS in the market. So, in any case, if you come across a nuisance, you can take help from them.


Video tutorials can also save you from the hustle-bustle and experimenting on your business website. And, still, if your problems get in no way encountered, you can always contact Wpplease.com. We are all at your service and have an excellent team to support.



WordPress has developed a lot since the day it was born. It’s integrated with worth-it plugins and themes that allow you to create a personalized business website. Responsiveness, versatility, and user-friendliness are synonyms of WordPress.

Investing your time and energy with WordPress is lucrative. So, build your business website on WordPress today. And, don’t keep yourself from success.



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