Do You Need a WordPress Developer? 5 Signs It’s Time to Hire One

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You have a website, web app or eCommerce, and things are going well. But you can feel it: something is missing, or something can be improved. And here you are asking the fateful question, “Should I hire a WordPress developer?” The answer to that question is “you might“. 

If you recognise yourself in some of the characteristics below, a developer is probably a good fit for you. Deciding whether to hire a WordPress developer or what stage of the project to put them in, depends on the project itself and on your own skills. People often think that they don’t need a developer, when in fact they do.

Is a WordPress developer always a person? 

No, a WordPress developer can be a freelancer as well as a specialised agency. 

What does a WordPress developer do?

The WordPress developer does many very technical things. He or she is a web developer who knows how to use the PHP language and is mainly responsible for creating themes, plugins and other features for your WordPress sites, but also keeps an eye on the security and maintenance aspects of the site. 

WP Please customers, however, do not have to worry about all this. Our package provides WordPress bug fixes & WP login issues, malware removal, security scans, backups & restores, WP Speed Optimisation, SSL installation or any other feature or customisation.

Basically, you don’t need to take care of anything. You don’t have to think about staying up to date with WordPress and plugins, backups and scanning your site for malware, you don’t even have to hire a developer to maintain your site.

Here are some good starting points why WordPress developers would be helpful to you

1. “Create a website? Put plugins on it? I don’t know anything about it. These things already give me a headache!”

Easy enough, if you aren’t sure where to start from, your first step is asking for help. Come to us! We will make sure your WordPress website is great, functional, healthy, backed up, updated and absolutely secure. Without you having to deal with any of this stuff. 

Our unique combination of skills & solutions is earned from years of experience, along with affordability and rock-solid communication.

You’ll just have to enjoy the richness, flexibility and power of WordPress without the headaches of managing or building such a system by yourself.  

2. “I have a site, and I don’t know anything about its performance. But I still want the best!”

If image compression, HTML improvements, CDN & advanced caching mean nothing to you, what you need then is immediate help from experts who understand WordPress tech stuff. Site optimisation with us is included, with our Performance Monitoring always assured. 

A WordPress developer or expert will always ensure you get the best site performance: a fast, efficient and responsive site is preferred not only by customers but also by Google, who will put it among the top search results.

3. Do sites also need maintenance? I had no idea. 

Yes, websites also need 24/7 maintenance.

It is important that they stay up to date, especially WordPress, since it is the leading one, is always the target of attack. Handling maintenance and security properly is as important as having the site in the first place. Well, pretty much. When you find a proper WordPress expert, if a problem happens, they’re on it before you even know there’s a problem. It usually doesn’t happen, however, with our ongoing Hack Prevention. Try us.

4. An issue happened. I’m panicking! 

Are you facing a technical issue? You’re panicking and don’t know how to proceed? Asking for help is fundamental, and finding Expert Support ready to have your back is even more so. Sometimes bad things just happen. When it does, a friendly maintenance team of experts in WordPress will solve the issue and get you immediately back in action.

5. I want to get so much out of my website but I don’t know where to start. Lead Generation Plugin? SEO? Updates?

The internal world of WordPress is extremely wide and varied. Which means that you can get a lot of extremely customisable features, but you also have to study and delve into the technical aspects. And you often don’t have time for this kind of preparation.

With us, you get access to the best WordPress plugins, which we will always keep updated for you. No need to become a WordPress developer yourself.

Do you feel that something is missing from your business? It’s probably a WordPress developer. Don’t wait. 

So, you don’t have time to manage a website to the fullest. You prefer to focus on your primary business activity. You have no interest in developing technical WordPress skills. No problem! Turn to experts. Don’t wait until you have problems creating your web project, because it will be too late. Decide now to hear from a developer during the planning phase or hire a reliable company. Find someone who always guarantees the best and with whom you feel comfortable working. Your project will benefit now and in the long run as well.


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