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WordPress is the best platform to start an affiliate program. From tons of WordPress plugins, you can choose what’s best for you to manage your affiliate program. So, what is this plugin? Well, plugins are the building blocks of your WordPress site. Whatever you need your website to do can be done with these plugins. But for that, you must choose the best one, which is crucial. Especially when it comes to affiliate marketing; because you can’t compromise with speed, security, and of course user-friendliness.

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So, the question is how to find the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers? No need to look somewhere else, we have put together the best plugins and their key features in this article. Let’s dig in!

What to Look for When Choosing the Best WordPress Plugin?

Now, this is very important. If you don’t know what to look for then how will you know that which one is the best? So, when you are looking for plugins for your affiliate marketing website, think of the big picture. Like everyone else, if you are into ‘make money online and lead generation strategy, then you should consider your goal and don’t go with the low-priced or single featured plugins. However, you can always switch to something more robust and feature-packed WordPress plugins as your business grows.
But yes, it’s a bit tricky to switch systems once you have some happy affiliates promoting your products. Because most of the affiliates are business owners and they are always busy in business. So, switching system might disrupt their promotion of your product which will be both sides losses. You want to make sure your affiliates are happy and satisfied and you want to keep a good relationship with them.
Then again, if you want your affiliate program running smooth and keep your affiliate satisfied then you must choose the right plugins that suit best for your site. Be picky when choosing. Look for these:

  1. A plugin that easily adds affiliate links to posts and pages
  2. That lets you add, save, and manage affiliate links in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. A tool that tracks your click on call to action buttons also tracks your highest performing affiliate campaign
  4. Tools that make your referral links shareable outside of your website.

Now that you know what to look for while choosing the best WordPress plugins for your affiliate site, lets din to so see the 5 best WordPress plugins that can help you do your job.

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5 Best WordPress Plugins

There is a ton of WordPress plugins available and each one is better than the other. So, here we have put together the 5 best free and paid plugins, and all are regularly updated. Now let’s get to the plugins:

MonsterInsights plugin

If you are trying to add an advanced tracking feature to your website along with google analytics, then MonsterInsights is one of the plugins you are looking for. You can easily set up affiliate link tracking on your WordPress website. It automatically tracks affiliate links and offers a detailed report on your dashboard so you can see how each affiliate link is performing. It is easy to use and can show you the highest earning page along with the most profitable traffic resource. If you are willing to invest $99.50/year, then this monsterinsight could give you some great data for your affiliate plan.
Then the next up is


If you are looking for something that has all the important features you need to start your affiliate program, then Affiliate wp could be the plugin you need. This is a heavy feature-packed plugin that offers real-time reports, earnings, partners registration, and much more. It helps you to manage your partners from your dashboard. This is not the end, it offers you to create affiliate programs in minutes track affiliates accurately, connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts if you need them, and so on. All in all, at $99 this is a great deal for a year. Highly recommended to passionate affiliate marketers.
The next one is

Thirsty Affiliates

Long URLs are such a mess at times, and it doesn’t look good as well. If this issue sounds familiar to you too, then the thirsty affiliate is the best choice for you. This is a link management WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers. It allows users to hide those long affiliate links and turn them into attractive ones. It also offers -exporting/importing links as CSV files, automatically checking 404 errors, adding banners and images to your affiliate link, and so on. USD49 pers year is a great deal if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and want great WordPress plugins.


One of the best ad management WordPress plugins you will find today is adsanity. All your affiliate ads are under one umbrella. It helps you manage all your ads from your dashboard. The most amazing feature of this plugin is it automatically detects ad units and notifies users. If you want to have this amazing feature, then you must spend $49 a year for the basic plan of this plugin, however, the basic plan is also enough for beginners.
So far these were the paid WordPress plugins, but now last but not least we present you a free but best WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers which is affiliates manager.

Affiliates Manager

If you are looking for something that offers some vital features for free, then this is your thing. Affiliate portal, easy to set up, integrates with e-commerce solutions, setting up payout for each partner, tracking ad impressions, and more. This plugin offers a lot for free, however, if you are not satisfied with these, there is paid plan as well for a bunch of more features.


If you want to be an affiliate marketer and make a business out of the Internet, then you must know the affiliate industry and how to get started with. If you have decided to jump into the deep sea of affiliate marketing then you should consider the WordPress website and WordPress Plugins as your life jacket, because there are a lot of user-friendly tools and plugins that can help you streamline your affiliate marketing process.


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