Why You Should Consider Cloud Hosting for Your Startup

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Why You Should Consider Cloud hosting for your startup

In this post you are going to learn about Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting is a term that is gaining popularity day by day. With thousands of Startup emerging everyday, entrepreneurs are looking for a way to manage the cost and to grow their startup. There are many befits for utilizing a cloud hosting for your startup, some of these are mentioned below.

1. Cheap Price

Cost reduction is the main & primary focus of every business no matter small, large or those who are just starting out. With the passage of time, technology is changing rapidly, therefore, we are seeing a huge spike in startups everyday. Not all of them succeed. According to a global research, out of 100 startups only 10 become successful. So, there is no point paying the hefty dollars for the whole year, when you can utilize pay as you go pricing model.

Many Cloud Hosting Providers, offer this model, which is very economical as you don’t get lots of traffic the day you start your business. Getting organic traffic takes some time, and with that time you can analyze and judge weather your business is making a progress or are you struggling? According to new research, don’t utilize your efforts more then 3 months on a startup. If it is not getting you anywhere, it’s better to try the next best thing.

2. Scalable

Let’s talk about the progressing startup. Showing your new visitors, “Sorry we are having lot of traffic” or 503 “Gateway Timeout” messages can negativity impact your new business. To fix this problem, cloud platforms offer auto scaling feature in one click. So whenever you are getting lots of traffic, you can configure your cloud machines to grow with the traffic without causing downtime.

3. Secure

Obviously getting hacked on the very first day of your new business launch is worst nightmare. Cloud Platforms have builtin DDOs protection and firewall, which eases your mind and let’s you focus on growing your new business.

4. Automated Backups & Restores

One of the essential features is the provision of backups & restore. Mishaps can happen, things can go wrong, weather you install a WordPress plugin or if it is not compatible, your WordPress breaks down, and downtime means you are loosing customers. With backups and restore, you can restore your backups in just few seconds.


WP Please can help you Setup your WordPress StartUp with a Cloud Hosting, so that you can focus on your new business.


Some of the famous Cloud Hosting

1. CloudWays – Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloudways provide managed cloud hosting, letting you host your web applications and WordPress on different cloud platforms, including AWS, DigitalOcean etc.

2. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is an American Cloud Infrastructure. They have services that developers can utilize for easy CI/CD.

3. AWS

AWS is a sub company of Amazon. They have lots of APIs and on Demand Computing Services.

4. Google Cloud Platform

GCP is the suit of cloud services and they utilize the same infrastructure used by the Google itself.

5. Microsoft Azure

Commonly called Azure, is the cloud services for building, testing,  deploying & scaling your applications. It is the best if your app is built with Microsoft Technology, because they have many integrations which makes your life easy.


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